Karrinyup Men's Shed Email Bulletin 13 June 2020

From: Karrinyup Men's Shed

To: Karrinyup Community Men's Shed members

With the reopening of the shed on Monday 15 June, there will be some changes.

Shed Manager

Firstly Jim has had to step back from the Shed Manager role but one of his main responsibilities, machinery operation and safety inductions will now be taken over by John Berry. We are very pleased that John has agreed to take this on.

Costing Projects

We have had some enquiries from outside groups for the Shed to undertake projects so we need to ensure that anything we do is costed as we don't want to be undertaking any projects that will not be profitable.

Graeme Harris has agreed to become our Project Officer and to help him, the committee has developed a list of timber prices to be charged to each job, which are 40% of what Bunnings charge, and the following procedures.

1. Member's personal projects

For projects for Members own personal use, Graeme will create a Member Project Costing Sheet and charge members for any consumables provided by the shed e.g. timber, glue, varnish. Members are able to bring their own materials and use the Shed facilities at no cost. Projects are to be for personal use only i.e. No commercial jobs.

2. Shed projects for sale

For Projects where it is intended to make items for sale for the benefit of the Shed, Graeme will complete a Shed Project Costing Sheet. Consumables will be charged as per (1) above. The idea being that we need to know how much an item costs. There is no point in making something that costs $10 but will not sell for a higher amount. Even if the margin is small we need to be able to sell items at a profit otherwise they will clutter up our storage areas.

3. Projects for outside clients

For projects where an outside group ask us to make something for them, Graeme and the Project Coordinator will complete a Client Project Costing Sheet which will be similar to (2) above but with details of client included. Once costed, a profit margin and sale price will be negotiated with the client.

We would like to create a register of all work being done in the shed so the starting point is to discuss with Graeme what you want to do. If Graeme is not there, the daily Supervisor will get you started and pass on the information to Graeme.

Timber for Personal Projects

If you are in receipt of donated timber which you want to use for your own personal projects please store the timber at home as it is too difficult for the Shed to manage which timber belongs to which Member if it is stored at the shed.

If you have any questions please ask Peter Polain or Jeff Crookes.


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