Karrinyup Men's Shed Email Bulletin 1 September 2020

From: Karrinyup Men's Shed

To: Karrinyup Community Men's Shed members

New Shed Layout

After three very productive days on the part of those who attended on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, the new shed layout is complete and the shed spotlessly clean. Thanks to all involved for such a great effort.

Apart from a few small tasks for Frank to allocate, we are now ready to commence normal operations ahead of schedule from Wednesday. The continuation of the ducting system along the back wall is still a work in progress and is anticipated to be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Work Benches

The new workshop layout is far more spacious than before, providing better and safer clearances between machines and benches. We have introduced a clean-bench policy.

When you have finished for the day, remove your project from the bench and clean your space. We have several vacuum cleaners and multiple dust pans/brushes; please use them. If you bring a box for storage of you project, mark it with your name and store it under a bench.

Unserviceable Machines

We are mindful of criticism concerning the time taken in restoring the two bandsaws to working order, but delays in sourcing replacement parts has been the issue. These problems can be averted if the machines are used correctly and within design tolerances – yes, quite clearly, misuse is to blame. If you are unsure about the operation of any machine, make it your business to ask.

New Crib Room

The new crib room was used for morning tea today (Tuesday) for the first time and comfortably accommodated the full complement of guys. It is clean; it is comfortable; and it is yours; so please look after it and remember:

• Do not bring tools of any kind inside.

• Do not bring work projects of any kind inside.

• Do not use the space for storage of any kind.

• Do not attach anything to the walls (there will be a pin board shortly)

• Wash your cups and dishes after use, or better still, volunteer to do the washing up!

Computer Room

Workshop activities are not to be carried out in the computer room, nor is it to be used to store partly finished projects. The computer room is meant to be a dust-free environment; please keep the doors closed to help keep it that way.


• Prior to our clean-up, the shed was cluttered with things that just don’t belong. On Saturday we threw out such things as ceramic tiles, brake fluid and a broken golf club. If you don’t want it at home, throw it out; do not bring it to the shed. If you have something that you consider might be of benefit to the shed and would like to donate it, please, first ask John Berry or Graeme Harris if it can be of use.

• Please do not bring your projects (timber, etc) to the shed unless you are going to be working on them in the immediate future.

• If Aunty Bess has several boxes of screws and odd-rubbish from the tool shed after Uncle Rupert’s demise, redirect them to the tip!

Do Not Borrow Tools

• It is against shed rules to borrow tools to take home. If you have something belonging to the shed, please return it immediately. A Makita electric planer, valued at $400, has gone missing.


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